Not all Hot Rod bodies are created equal
Let us tell you what makes our '32 and '33/'34 Ford body packages such a good value.  We researched what was available on the market.
We found two main players in this market.

At the one end we found the low cost kits. At first look these appear to be a great deal but the buyer must beware. Poor fit and finish
plague these kits. You will likely spend a great deal of time or money trying to correct the short falls. You would be far better off spending a
little more up front and saving yourself a huge amount of headaches. Some of these bodies never escape the shadows of the garage.

At the opposite end of the market we found the very respected and high quality suppliers of excellent fiberglass bodies. The attention to
detail for these manufacturers is undeniable. This is the other side of the spectrum for the saying "you get what you pay for".  You will be
happy when you get your body but it will lighten your wallet by a fair amount.

When we looked to offer our customers a Hot Rod body we found "The Rod Shop". These '32 Coupe and Roadster, and the '33/'34 Coupe
bodies had what we were looking for, good quality for excellent value. Our bodies only come one way, fully assembled. The doors are
hinged and fitted, the trunk lid is hinged and fitted, Bear Claw latches fitted and operational, the power windows are fully functional from
day one and all the glass (tinted) is included. Add to this the details that these bodies offer and you will be hard pressed to find a better
value for your project. Here are some of the details that make our bodies such a good value.

Strong steel inner structure that makes this one very solid body package. All hinges, and latches are tied to the steel structure.

Smooth details - The firewall, the headliner, and the belly pan are all glass smooth and ready for your special finishing touch, and fit for a
show car.
All assembly of sub components are final assembled in a controlled fixture that insure proper alignment. This allows final fit and finish to be

Dash and garnish moldings installed

Expanded access panels in the doors so you can service the mechanisms inside the doors.

Excellent detail in the body lines and alignment.

2 1/2" chopped and filled top

First quality fiberglass manufacturing techniques utilized throughout.

We ask you only to compare the details and the value of our bodies and we think you will see what we mean.
‘32, '33/34 Ford Chassis Packages

Stage 2            Rolling Chassis                                                                      
Brakes front and rear
Dropped front axle w/ spring and shocks
Rear axle casing and suspension
Steering package

Stage 3                Rolling Chassis +                                                              
as Stage 2 plus these additional items,
hyd. plumbing and master cylinder

‘32, '33/'34 Ford Package specials

Stage 1 - Quick Start Coupe Package
‘32 or '33/'34 3 window coupe w/ power windows fitted, glass package,                 
doors and trunk lid fitted and aligned, Grill shell                                                
Stage 1 Bare Chassis

Stage 2 - ‘32 Roadster Body                                                           
Grill shell
Stage 2 Chassis package

Stage 3 - ‘32 3 window Coupe w/ power windows fitted, glass package
doors and trunk lid fitted and aligned, Grill shell                                                
Stage 3 Chassis package

Stage 3 - ‘32 3 window Coupe Full Fender Kit                                     
Stage 3 Chassis package

Note: Other packages can be built to suit your needs.
These are only examples of some of the more popular packages.

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Dealer inquires Invited
Turn-Key Coupes start at $44,900.00

Turn-Key Roadsters start at $39,900.00