First time out - Dena gets the attention of the spectators and the Press in Northern California
Dena wins 1st Place Manufacturers Award
Kit Car Builder Magazine Editor's Choice Award
what it would be like if you could take one of those toy cars you pushed around on the floor as a kid - and made it full size.
   Dena is that toy!
General Description

Type:                 Rear Engine, Rear wheel drive, 2 seat roadster
Body:                 Fiberglass,
Chassis:             Multi steel tube ladder with side impact protection and triangulation

Powertrain Details

Engine:              4 cylinder, Horizontally opposed, Air cooled, Rear mounted
Displacement:    1200cc - 2400cc
Horsepower:       Range from 60 - 200+ hp
Fuel mileage:     45 - 28 mpg   
Transaxle:         4 speed, 5 speed optional, short throw shifter

Suspension, Steering, and Brakes

Front suspension:     Independent, dual torsion bar, Alden Eagle shocks
Rear suspension:      Independent, custom trailing arms, Alden Eagle shocks
Steering:                   Worm and Roller, 3 turns lock to lock
Brakes:                     4 wheel discs, Dual cylinder pedal assembly


Length:                     120"
Width, Front:             69"
   Rear:                  75"
Height:                       39"
Wheelbase:               80"
Wheels, Front:          8.5" x 15"
   , Rear:                12 x 15"
Tires, Front:             235/50-15
   , Rear:               295/50-15

The Dena design holds US Patent # D471,136. No replication or copying will be allowed without the expressed consent of the patent
"R" Motor Sport, Ltd. reserves the right to change or modify equipment, specifications, or prices at anytime without prior notice.
Dena designer - Merlin Cofano accepts the awards at the first public
showing of the Dena, NCKCC's San Leandro Show. Sept. 9/10, '06
Package Prices and Contents

Body Only Package:              Introductory Price $4,995.00
This package is designed for those that would like to utilize a shortened VW Beetle floorpan or build their own chassis. We
can also provide names of other chassis builders. Or you can come back to us later and buy our custom designed Dena

Includes: Complete fiberglass body, left and right doors, front hood, rear deck lid, engine cover, windshield, side windows.
Body is supplied in sandable gelcoat.

Stage 1 (Basic Body and Custom Chassis) Package:           $7,995.00
This package includes all of the components from the body only package and adds the following:

Our Custom designed Dena chassis, Custom rear suspension components, mounting hardware, and our assembly manual.

Stage 2 (Comprehensive) Package:                                               $12,995.00
This package includes all of the components from the body only package, the Stage 1 Package, and adds the following:

4 wheel disc brake package with emergency brakes, Dual master cylinder pedal assembly with separate clutch master
cylinder, all brake lines incl. S.S. flex lines, fuel line, throttle pedal, steering gear, wiring harness, gauge package, full lighting
package, fuel tank, mirrors, full ball joint front suspension, Alden Eagle shocks (coil-over rear), latches, Horns,

Stage 3 (Turn-key minus) Package                                                $16,995.00
This package includes all of the components from the body only package, the Stage 1 Package, the Stage 2 Package, and
adds the following:

Heavy Duty Rebuilt transaxle, short throw shifter, rear axle shafts including CV joints, wheel and tire package.

Most components are assembled to a rolling chassis stage and ready for the addition of your engine of choice,
paint, and finishing components.

Turn-key Dena's available - Quote on Request