Ralph Morgan's DIVA Roadster,
chassis #27
Jim Apolito's DIVA Roadster,
chassis #3
Ralph Hillers's DIVA Roadster,
chassis #16
Alan Barnard's Australian DIVA
Speedster, chassis #20
Several DIVA's at the
Carlisle Kit Car show
Todd Allen Kuhn's DIVA Roadster,
chassis #14. Ford power
The original DIVA Roadster
prototype now owned by
Leo Alkenbrack
Ed Schroeder's LS1/6 speed powered
DIVA Roadster, chassis #25
Just a couple of DIVA Owner Quotes

James T. Carlisle (the Dad), Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, DIVA Roadster chassis #12.

“Building the DIVA was one of the high points of my life. It afforded six months of male bonding with my son. I saw
for the first time his ability, maturity and organizational skills. We worked late into the nights and on weekends. The
labor produced a sleek powerful and agile DIVA.

Whenever we ran into a snag, you were there to answer our questions and advise. Many times you talked us
through while we were under the car with the portable phone. You even came to Florida to help. The cooperation
has not stopped. Even though it’s been several years since the car was completed, just last week you gave me a
part for the

We got to drive 1,000 miles in the rain and you lent us your fur lined World War II flying helmet, which proved to be
lifesaver. Building and owning a DIVA is a mountaintop experience.”
May 22, 2002.

Jamie Carlisle (the Son), Fayetteville, North Carolina, DIVA Roadster chassis #12.

“It handles flawlessly and accelarates like a rocket.”

R Motorsports was was straight forward about the product. The car was easy to assemble as everything fit

“If you let it, the 5 minute trip to get milk will take 35 minutes. Everyone notices the car. Everyone asks about it”.
May 19, 2002.

Ralph Hillers, Girard, Ohio. DIVA Roadster chassis #16.

"The DIVA runs as expected - like HELL"

"If asked will fully recommend the car"

"I never felt like I was left alone after the sale or got short-changed"

Other DIVA Quotes

David Palermo, President, Z Car Club of Rochester.

“Thank you for hosting our ZCCR parts swap meet & “R” tour last Sunday, we all definitely had a great time. It was
interesting to see the different build stages the DIVA goes through as well as the high end components you utilize.

Personally, the high point of the day was flying low with my hair on fire as you demo’d the sub 5 second 0-60
What a rocket that DIVA is...”
March 21, 2002.

Kim Carden, member of the ZCCR (Z Car Club of Rochester).
From an article written for ther newsletter, NEWZ. “The Diva’s Perspective on “The DIVA”.

For the sheer size of the vehicle the car has a suprising amount of muscle. Again, not knowing about these cars I
was taken back when the Diva roared to life. Sounding like a rocket, everyone jumped back two steps and a big
grin spread across our faces. Ah, the sound of speed (vroom-vroom) and vivacity for life without moving an inch.

David Palermo, the sly dog he is, asked for a ride. Lucky! I thought as I saw him hop in with a smirk to the group. By
the time he got back I was anxious to know if I could hop in for a short spin Waiting in the cold wind I finally got my

Okay, I admit it. I slid onto the smooth leather interior and I got giddy! Now, I do not know whether it was the icy wind
or the shear aspect of being able to ride in a Diva but a permanent smile was spread across my face. Before we left
the lot I told Jamie, “I love speed, it’s all about the speed” so he took care of it from there. We were zooming down
the road at approximately 70-80mph! I felt like I was on the Superman roller coaster at Darien Lake. Parts of the
road were hilly and we flew over them and became air born. I think I may have let out a scream but that only
encouraged him to drive faster.
The speed of the Diva was amazing!

Arriving back at Jamie’s shop I didn’t know what else to say Trying to get out of the car my legs were wobbly and I
probably looked like the average Sunday drunk. I didn’t care because it was a great experience. I highly encourage
anyone if you have not yet seen these cars you should definitely go and take one for a spin”.
Summer 2002 issue.
Jim and Jamie Carlisle's DIVA
Roadster, chassis #12
This is Diva Chassis # 15
Purchased by Ken Scavarda

This is the only Diva outfitted by us with an
independent rear suspension.

It also features a GM LS series motor

This is without a doubt the class of the Diva field

Click on the photo for more pics of this special Diva
Geoff Moore's Australian DIVA
Speedster #2.
Jim Williams Washington State
Speedster, chassis #21