From Concept to Competition
Every car starts as an idea. The
idea goes to a sketch. This is the
first sketch of the DIVA race car.
Here the Roadster was to be used
as the first DIVA race car.
This rear three quarter view from
above shows the full roll cage
design.  Our DIVA race car will
meet SCCA GT1 safety specs and
a full roll cage is a requirement.
Here you can see an early cut-away drawing of
the now chosen DIVA Speedster race car. We
decided to utilize the Speedster body because
we could better incorporate our race car body
design. You will see more later.
More detail of the rollcage in this
drawing. You can see the way the entire
structure ties in the suspension to create
an incredibly strong structure, very
resistant to twist.
Now we begin to see real progress. Compare
this photo to the drawing above. The bare
chassis and full roll cage have been
completed and are ready to have anciliaries
fitted to it. The standard kit chassis was
utilized as the base for the race car chassis.
Front three quarter view
of the bare chassis.
Rear view shows how safe this
cage design really is.
The all aluminum LS1 Chevy motor sitting on the
stand, waiting patiently for a new home.
The LS1 finds it's new home and
now waits for for horsepower tweeks
to bring the power to the range of
500Hp. Dry sump oiling system will
also be fitted.
The opposite side of the motor
showing the custom header that
will be fitted to the mammoth
side pipes and racing mufflers.
Front suspension showing
the fully adjustable upper A-arms. This
allows for quick adjustment of caster and
camber at the race track. You can also see
how the roll cage ties in to the front end.
Seat, shifter, and steering wheel
relationship is perfect. This is always
important for a good race car. If you
can't be comfortable you can't drive
to your maximum. The DIVA race car
utilizes the strong T56 six speed
Side impact protection and the
aluminum Kerkey race seat can
be seen here.
Now we turn to the development of the
bodywork. Here we have cut the first
section of the silloutte of the front end
out of insulating foam.
Here you can begin to see the final
shape. When the rough shape is
complete the entire structure will be
covered with special modeling clay and
final shaping will take place.
The view from the drivers seat.
Full roller status.
Watch this area to find out how you can be part of this project.
More defined details for the Speedster begin
to take shape. Note the new front body details
and the sponsorship map for the body.
4.5" added to the rear fenders on each