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Job 1 at "R" Motor Sport, Ltd.
Our main business is to provide high quality, well designed, and unique automobile component kits.

Support after the sale
We also pride ourselves on after the sale support. It is in our best interest to have each and every kit we sell completed
by our customers. Our best advertising is a well done automobile for everyone to see going down the road, in a local car
show, or at the local Cruze nite. We help our customers when they get stuck, after all, building a complete car is a
complicated project and it is natural for people to have questions along the way.

We have designed our kits to utilize proven and widely available components. Why re-invent the wheel when the hot rod
industry has done such a good job developing so many good quality components?

Special Projects
We do, on occasion, take on special projects. From a 1958 GMC 100 pickup truck to some very high end European
exotic sports cars, we love anything that burns fuel.

Turn-Key automobiles
We do build turn-key automobiles on special order. We also work with several quality shops that specialize in
assembling high quality, one off vehicles. We can even assist you in finding a shop capable of this type of assembly in
your area.

What is it you need
Given our years in the industry, if we don't have what you want we can get it. We have many friends and contacts in the
automotive enthusiasts market and we can help you find what you require.

We are actively inviting inquiries for investment opportunities. As in any good business we would love to expand in to
new business areas and new markets. Give us a call so we can have a conversation.
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